Hi!!! I exist now!

TownTakes is a new place for people to get their updates about both national and Bay Area specific political news. Basically I got tired of scrolling through my Facebook timeline and seeing people share articles from less than reputable sources, so I decided to create a less than reputable source myself! I find myself consistently engaged in conversations and debates with people who get 98% of their news and opinions from headlines they see when scrolling through their social media feeds, so I decided to create a place for lazy people that just want to read that headline and maybe a few sentences of my opinion about the story.

Additionally, creating this site gives me a chance to unleash my own views into the chasm of the internet, an opportunity that no longer exists on traditional social media. I mean, you can post your well researched op ed about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but it’s guaranteed to be sandwiched in between a kitten video and your racist uncle Bob’s rant about whatever minority group is pissing him off this week. Why did we show the boomers how to use social media again?

Stay tuned for my takes on both local and national stories that I find particularly relevant, and feel free to argue with me. One of the greatest tragedies of the last decade or so is that we have lost the capacity to engage in debate, largely because we tend to surround ourselves only with like minded people. If you think I’m too liberal, call me a dirty commie! Too Conservative? A fascist! Well, you don’t have to call me names, but feel free to engage as you see fit.

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